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A quote for today…

if you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.

George Bernard Shaw

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Tree of Awareness


Each of us can be likened to this Tree of Awareness. By

gaining full awareness of yourself, you will be able to make use

of all your innate skills and qualities in order to realise your

goals and flourish as an individual. At Eastside counselling, you

will be guided through passages that are tailor-made for you to

assist you in expanding and deepening your awareness. They

may include:

Knowing your emotional triggers

Acknowledging your accomplishments

Conscious about body, mind and spirit connection

Re-acquaiting yourself with all your different parts

Understanding your ‘positioning’/‘role’ in your family of origin;

Being aware of your mission in life/meaning of life

Knowing the origin of your inner voices or deep-seeded emotions

Acceptance and awarenss of the messages from your unconscious.


As your awareness gradually allows you to see the true ‘gifts’

that you possess, numerous changes may begin to occur

internally. By acknowledging all your attributes, both positive

and those that are thought to be negative, you will be rewarded

with a new perspective on life. You will gradually begin to ‘feel

alive’, ‘know your wants and needs’, and ‘accept yourself as you

are’. You may also find it easier to ‘forgive yourself and others’,

‘accept differences with others’, because you will feel an

increased sense of ‘confidence within yourself’. Knowing how to

‘prioritise yourself’, ‘heal yourself’ and ultimately to ‘love

yourself’ as you are, may also become second nature to you, as

you gradually begin to feel comfortable this new perspective of

‘awareness’ and learn how to ‘let go’.