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A quote for today…

Live as if you were living for the second time and had acted wrongly the first time as you are about to act now.
- from "Man's Search For Meaning" by Viktore Frankl 

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Couple Counselling

Reasons for seeking marriage/couple counselling:

  • “We keep having fights”
  • “Our communication breaks down”
  • “We love each other but have no idea how to repair our relationship”
  • “The trust is broken between us”
  • “We have too many painful memories to stay together”
  • “After hours of arguments, there is still no resolution”
  • “One of us often resorts to violence and things get out of hands”

There are many reasons for couples to seek counselling. Sometimes you may be taking each other for granted, or there could be some dysfunctional patterns in the way you relate to each other. Other times, there might be some painful past incidents that are preventing you from repairing your relationship and moving forward…Whatever the reason may be, by us sitting down together and talking calmly, you will be able to identify the obstacles that are preventing you from getting closer, and start working on making a difference in the way you relate to each other…step by step.

Evaluate the stress level in your relationship:

One of the main causes of relationship problems could be stress. Firstly it is important to evaluate how much stress you are under individually. Often changes at work or family situation (e.g. birth of a child, or a child leaving home) can cause stress within a couple. Moreover, stress and anxiety often get transferred from one partner to another.

Steps towards improving your relationship:

  • *Develop an awareness of yourself, and of your partner.
  • *Conflict can be contained and minimised.
  • *Communication can be improved.
  • *Dysfunctional patterns of relationship can be acknowledged and altered.
  • *Efforts for reconciliation can be acknowledged and enhanced.
  • *Positive characteristics encouraged, and negative ones minimised.
  • *New relationship skills can be implemented to feel closer.
  • *Evaluate the impact of change and loss.

By developing an awareness of the way you are individually and examining the way you relate to each other, it will be possible to see the main reasons that are causing disharmony in your relationship. For example, there could be obstacles that may be preventing you from reconciling the differences after arguments, or patterns in each other’s behaviours that are perpetuating the vicious cycle. One step at a time, small changes could lead to more changes, and gradually, you are well on your way to perpetuating productive patterns of interactions.

Make a difference…

Couple counselling is a step towards better understanding of yourself and each other, but most of all, it is a worthwhile opportunity to make a difference towards enriching what could be your most valuable relationship.