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if you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.

George Bernard Shaw

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Clients’ feedback

With our clients' permission, here are some feedback from our sessions. Please note that certain details are modified to protect their identity.

*Couple couselling:

We found Eastside Counselling’s website when my wife and I were having frequent fights for about six months. Things were getting from bad to worse, and at times my wife began to hit me out of frustration, or I was smashing plates in the kitchen. There were some incidents in the past that made both of us lose trust in each other, but some of our problems appeared to have stemmed from our cultural differences or communication difficulties. Although my Japanese wife spoke reasonably good English, she often felt extremely frustrated when we argued in English to the point where she could not contain her anger, leading her to resort to physical attacks. There were also numerous misunderstanding originating from our cultural differences.

As soon as we walked in we both felt comfortable to talk to Kaoru. She was non-judgemental, respectful and very fair. She was extremely insightful to point out the areas where we could improve how we relate to each other. I found it very helpful to have a place where we could sit down and calmly talk about the issues we needed to resolve. Each week, we were given some homework to try at home, and it was hard work at times, but we could see and feel definite improvements from the first week. Before we began counselling I was dreading coming home from work, but soon I began to look forward to coming home to my wife. Looking back, I’d hate to think what would have happened if we had not seen Kaoru, but I am now very happy to have been able to untangle the knots and we both became better people through the process of counselling. We still have fights, but we accept each other’s differences, and feel closer than ever.
 (K & P, Newtown)



*Individual counselling:

I was at my wits end when a concerned friend recommended me to see Kaoru. Superficially, I must have looked like a happy housewife, who had everything – a good husband, healthy children and a nice home. The truth was quite the opposite. Despite all that I was blessed with, I had been feeling down since I had my children and my negative attitude prevented me from appreciating my life. I hated myself, and although my children and my husband always told me they loved and appreciated me, I could not believe it.

Kaoru's her friendly approach helped me to relate to her well. I was ashamed to tell her my true feelings at first, but her sincere and respectful mannerism made me feel at ease to talk about them. I began telling her my innermost feelings, including some that were very painful to tell. However, it was actually a relief to have a place where I could disclose them, rather than suffer on my own. Slowly, I began to feel lighter inside for I gradually began to accept and acknowledge myself as I am. I also began to see many positive attributes that I possessed. After several sessions, I acquired many skills to manage my low moods better, and I no longer regarded myself as shameful or pathetic. Now, my lifestyle has changed completely, and I embrace each and every day. I can now honestly say that I love myself, and I believe it is a great achievement to be able to say that.

(B.S. 42, Bondi Junction)