Eastside Counselling offers effective couselling/psychotherapy in Double Bay, only 10 min from Sydney CBD. See 'Tree of Awareness'.

A quote for today…

if you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.

George Bernard Shaw

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Individual & Couple counselling:

Eastside Counselling offers individual and couple counselling. As for couple counselling, in particular, Kaoru specialises in mixed marriages by promoting understanding towards cultural differences.


Narrative Therapy:

The narrative perspective takes you on an inner journey to re-write the script of your life. By becoming aware of the existing pattern that may be unconsciously repeated in your everyday, you will have a choice to consider and implement alternative story lines that offer new possibilities for your future. The modality is designed to empower you by restoring your rightful position as ‘the leading role’ and ‘the director’ of your life story.


Sandplay Therapy:

Sandplay involves a square-shaped sand tray, whereby a collection of figurines is selected and placed within the tray. Based on Carl Jung’s theory and the Eastern philosophies, Sandplay had been created to access healing energies and invaluable messages from our unconscious. If you think of an iceberg as your mind, the tip of the iceberg is the conscious mind – which is said to be about 10-20% - and the remaining 80-90%, the unconscious. Our unconscious appears to be unknown to us, but it is said to strongly influence our thoughts, feelings and actions. This modality is a medium to give form to the symbolic images of the unconscious by creating a means for us to connect with the depth of our spirit. Being an experiential and non-verbal form of therapy, it is also suitable for children or clients who find it hard to express their thoughts and feelings. It is also a powerful and helpful tool for marriage counselling.


Bowen’s Family SystemsTherapy:

Murray Bowen’s systems perspective helps us to understand the impact of generational elements on the way we are today. By regarding a family unit as a closed emotional system, Bowen’s theory provides numerous valuable insights into ‘the role’ you unconsciously took on as a child within your family. This new perspective will be helpful in understanding the emotional dynamics of your family members. The theory also focuses on chronic anxiety and emotional reactivity that are generated within a family, passed on from one generation to the next. Your awareness of these aspects will provide clues in understanding the way you relate to your spouse, children, friends and colleagues today. It will also help you to be aware of the choices you have now in order to make positive changes in your current relationships.